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Bridge Book Club

We invite you all to participate in Bridge Book Club 2024!  In this instalment, we will be reading Self-Care: A Dynamic Approach to Integral Health and discussing the topics with the authors Fernanda Cabral Schveitzer and Mariana Cabral Schveitzer.  To participate, please enroll at:  You can purchase the book in english at your regional Amazon store.  Our first meeting will be on 24 February 2024 at 8:00 p.m. (Queensland AEST GMT/UTC+10).  We look forward to seeing you there to explore this important theme!


Join us for an engaging Self-care journey through the Bridge Book Club! Each episode promises lively discussions, insightful analysis, and the opportunity to connect with fellow readers. Don't miss out on the next episode. Mark your calendar, invite your friends!

The first episode is already available at the ISIC Youtube channel <3

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